Early Intervention

Discomfort Can Progress to Injury Without a Clear Process

Be proactive. Not reactive.

Ergonomic-related injuries are cumulative in that damage occurs after multiple exposures, performed many times without a problem. Employee discomfort should be addressed early to prevent progression to injury. Up to 95% of all reported workplace discomfort can be remedied effectively without any medical treatment.

By working with employees experiencing discomfort, The Posture People help you to keep employees healthy, injury-free and on the job. We help you to be proactive and prevent unnecessary injuries.

Onsite or Remote

The Posture People work with your employees, onsite or remotely, to provide a solution that effectively addresses the cause of the discomfort and prevents further injury.

What process do you have in place for employees experiencing discomfort?

By acting proactively or responding early to employee discomfort, we can prevent and reduce injuries from occurring.

Reduce the Symptoms

Skilled providers will assess the employee and determine the correct plan of action. Very often, employee discomfort can be easily addressed with common first aid. The key is to address symptoms early, before they progress to injury. The Posture People provides the expertise needed to keep your workforce health and injury-free.

Make it Practical

Knowing what causes the discomfort and injury is essential to providing complete and conclusive preventative workplace protocol. The Posture People work with your employees, onsite or remotely, to review the habits and environment of your employees and provide a solution to effectively reduce discomfort and prevent further injury.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing injury prevention with support from The Posture People to keep employees healthy, injury-free and on the job.