Avoid Preventable Sprain/Strain Injuries


We evaluate and analyze the risk factors that contribute to pain and injury, creating a solution that limits your exposures and risk.


We partner with you to develop a customized solution, optimizing technology and expertise to deliver effective wellness and injury prevention services.


Our team of on-site physical therapists will help make your workforce stronger and healthier so you can increase productivity.

Injury Prevention Solutions

The Posture People offer customized, comprehensive ergonomic solutions to reduce preventable injuries and promote sustainable employee wellness.

Strains and sprains are among the most common causes of lost work time and high workers’ compensation claims costs. Overexertion and repetitive movements can create strain, and back injuries are among the most significant and costly.

We work with you to customize the best solution for your goals and organizational needs. Using a combination of training, services and technology, we are able to deliver best-in-class solutions, and provide ongoing support and management.

  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments
  • Program and Solution Development
  • Job/task specific stretching programs
  • Customized training
  • Instructional Stretching & Education App
  • Data Collection with Comfort Surveys & Dashboards

Injury Prevention Training & Workshops

Training and Workshops are designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries for employees in an office or physical (service/manufacturing/industrial) setting. The training and workshops teach the skills and techniques required to protect the body with safe body mechanics and prevent injuries in the work environment. We also teach stretching and strengthening exercises that can be performed on the job, to combat fatigue and reduce discomfort.

We encourage employees to be responsible for their own safety and health: planning, setup, choice of posture and movement, and how to be proactive in reducing risk.

Available Training

Our expert team of physical therapists provide the interactive trainings, ensuring the employees’ ability to immediately apply the skills they have learned.

  • 1 hour training/workshop: Best practices for ergonomics, postures, workspace layout and exercise breaks, as well as annual refresher training for physical jobs.
  • 1.5 -2 hours: Initial training for best practices in body mechanics, posture, and exercise breaks.
  • 4 hours: Supervisor/Safety Committee Training
  • All day training: also available
  • Request custom training

All training and workshops are customized to deliver targeted content and include time for questions and answers.

Live-Remote Ergonomic Consultations

We offer a new and innovative, Live-Remote option for the Individual Ergonomic Consultations:

  • Eliminate the Cost of Travel
  • Schedule an appointment at your convenience: easier and faster to schedule an assessment
  • Live-Remote interactive simulates the benefits and experience of an in-person assessment

Individual Ergonomic Consultations

We can help you figure out the source of your discomfort and the correct steps to take to resolve it.

​The Posture People provide interactive ergonomic assessments for individuals who are experiencing discomfort with their workspace. We optimize technology and expertise to deliver ergonomic services, working with many clients in many verticals- office, healthcare, call centers, service workers, and retail.

Ergonomic assessments include a pre-assessment pain survey, workstation layout recommendations, posture and behavior modifications, equipment recommendations if requested, stretches for wellness, customized follow up report, and a post-assessment pain survey.