Stretching & Wellness

Prevent pain, strain & musculoskeletal injuries

Customized Stretching & Education Videos

Working in a physical job is not a substitute for doing exercises that can help to increase strength and flexibility. Engage employees in systematic stretching routines today.

  • Tailored to YOUR job-related tasks.
  • To help your employees implement the correct techniques to prevent workplace injury.
  • Help to improve focus and productivity and reduce pain in an office setting.
  • Focus on correct body mechanics and posture to reduce risk of future injury
Help your employees reduce and prevent sprain and strain injuries

Instructional Stretching Videos

Are available on desktop or mobile device for an effective way to scale delivery to a large or mobile workforce.

Stretching & Wellness

Musculoskeletal-related injuries are the most common form of work-related illness, and risk factors such as static or awkward postures, repetition, and forceful exertions can be found in virtually every occupation and workplace. Employees feeling discomfort have a hard time focusing, and are at a higher risk for pain and injury.

Stretching programs combined with education are the most effective method of preventing pain and strain and improving work performance.