Injury Prevention & Workplace Ergonomics

Build a healthier workforce with targeted injury prevention

Effective results with onsite, virtual and digital solutions

Focus on Prevention

Get results and empower your workforce with effective and targeted injury prevention solutions.

Workplace Ergonomics

Boost the health and engagement of your workforce with onsite, virtual and digital services.

Physical Therapy Expertise

Our team of physical therapists are subject matter experts in injury prevention.

Musculoskeletal Injuries are Preventable.

Work-related injuries cost U.S. companies more than $62 billion dollars each year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Workers in many different industries and occupations are exposed to risk factors at work, which increases their risk for injury. Work-related musculoskeletal injuries are more than one-third of these injuries and are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time.

The Posture People help companies reduce the incidence and cost of musculoskeletal injuries, and improve employee workplace health with onsite, virtual, and digital solutions. Our team of physical therapists has advanced knowledge, skills, and expertise in effective injury prevention.

We work in multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, service, utility, healthcare, telecommunications, and office-based.

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