Custom Injury Prevention Solutions


Strains and sprains are among the most common causes of lost work time and high workers’ compensation claims costs. Overexertion and repetitive movements can create strain, and back injuries are among the most significant and costly. Injury prevention programs are proven effective in reducing injuries, lowering workers’ compensation and other costs, and improving productivity, morale, products and services. 

The Posture People offer key components for effective solutions: management and leadership involvement, effective employee participation, and ongoing program evaluation.

Stretching and Wellness

Musculoskeletal-related injuries are the most common form of work-related illness, and risk factors such as static or awkward postures, repetition, and forceful exertions can be found in virtually every occupation and workplace. Employees feeling discomfort have a hard time focusing, and are at a higher risk for pain and injury.

Stretching programs combined with education are the most effective method of preventing pain and strain and improving work performance.

Early Intervention

Do you have any proactive programs to protect employees from sprain and strain exertion injuries? Minor discomfort can often be treated onsite with early intervention services, making costly doctor visits unnecessary.

Early response to symptoms can prevent the progression to injury, and is often easily addressed with common first aid.

Additionally, we focus on preventing further injury by incorporating ergonomics, body mechanics and posture training, stretching, and education into early intervention services.

Onsite Therapy

Our onsite physical therapy improves employee access to therapy, reducing costs and time away from work. We understand your work processes and integrate injury prevention into our rehabilitation services.