ErgoHealth and Wellness

Optimize Employee Health

ErgoHealth and Wellness

ErgoHealth and Wellness is an innovative self-help portal to empower employees to identify, solve and improve ergonomic health and wellness.

ErgoHealth and Wellness is a comprehensive solution where employees have unlimited access to on-demand self-help tools and support. Empower your entire workforce with ergonomic technology and virtual solutions.

  • Responsive, cloud-based portal,  accessible on any mobile device or desktop.
  • Scalable to meet the needs of all clients, regardless of industry, location or size.
  • We offer customization and branding options.
  • It is reliably and securely hosted on Salesforce.

Features include: 

  • Employees have unlimited access to relevant, practical, short videos to easily identify problems and learn to self-correct their work setup, postures and behaviors
  • Solve discomfort both at home and in the office
  • Unlimited access to stretching videos, to reduce fatigue and strain from static and awkward postures.
  • Stretch break reminders
  • Improve work practice behaviors with injury prevention training videos
  • Access to on-demand support

…And More

For additional support and problem-solving, employees can ask questions via media or video uploads, and our expert team provides on-demand support through the portal. Robust data tracking and reporting; reinforcement of additional content based on employee preferences.

The ErgoHealth and Wellness portal is scalable for large workforces, and can solve work-related issues for low to moderate risk employees. For higher-risk employees, we recommend combining the ErgoHealth and Wellness with additional support such as ergonomic assessments and onsite visits.

We provide scalable, comprehensive care of your workforce, targeted to reduce risk and increase employee productivity and engagement. Ready to empower your workforce to get healthier and be more productive? Give us a call and let’s talk.

ErgoHealth and Wellness

Available on desktop and responsive on any mobile device for an effective way to scale delivery to a large or mobile workforce.

Focus on Prevention All solutions by The Posture People have a continuous focus on prevention. We identify risk through work behaviors, and use design and interactive training to reduce the risk.

Customized Solutions We customize our solutions for every client and offer delivery of services in person, virtually and digitally to reach all employees in organization of varying sizes.

Employee Empowerment
As physical therapists, we understand the power of empowering employees, and integrate education and training into all of our solutions.

Proprietary Cloud-Based Solutions
ErgoHealth and Wellness best-practice solution incorporates an on-demand cloud-based platform, self-help training, workshops, consultations, stretching and professional support.
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By Shani Soloff, PT, MS, CFMT, CEASII