Onsite Therapy

Easier access, fewer visits, & reduced costs

Easier Access, More Compliance

Onsite physical therapy leads to fewer clinical visits, fewer days away from work and a shorter case duration. Employees are more likely to schedule and attend physical therapy if it is at their workplace. More timely treatment of employees decreases health care costs.

Targeted therapy from a physical therapist reduces pain from repetitive tasks so employees can get back to work sooner and be pain free.

The Posture People Difference

Our licensed physical therapists provide high quality of care with goal-oriented treatments for your employees.

Reduce Costs with Physical Therapy

Providing physical therapy onsite or remotely eliminates travel time to a physical therapist’s office. Your access to physical therapy is either onsite at your location or remotely, increasing time at work while still addressing employee healthcare.

Our physical therapy solutions are based on an hourly rate that is less than the cost of an appointment at a clinic, saving both time and money.

Consistent Injury Prevention Approach

Therapists provide additional injury prevention services while onsite such as ergonomics, early intervention, wellness and stretching, and education.

Focus on Prevention

Our solutions focus on preventing and treating injuries in the workplace with physical therapy and ergonomics.