Workplace Ergonomics

Improve working comfort and engagement

Computer users are at risk of musculoskeletal-related injuries such as back, neck and wrist strain. Low levels of discomfort can progress to pain, strain and injury. Working in pain makes it difficult to focus, which negatively impacts productivity and engagement. We optimize technology and expertise to deliver best-in-class ergonomic services, with an employee-centric model. All recommendations are tailored to each client’s equipment standards.

The Posture People proven approach helps improve the health and engagement of your workforce. We apply our effective methodology to office ergonomics:

  • Focus on empowering employees with an interactive, education-based, self-help approach.
  • Improve computer and office ergonomics by changing habits, postures, and worksetup first.
  • Reach for a stretch: learn the value of stretching and how to effectively stretch for improved comfort.

Focus on Prevention
All solutions by The Posture People have a continuous focus on prevention. We identify risk through work behaviors, and use design and interactive training to reduce the risk.

Customized Solutions
We customize our solutions for every client and offer delivery of services in person, virtually and digitally to reach all employees in organization of varying sizes.

Employee Empowerment
As physical therapists, we understand the power of empowering employees, and integrate education and training into all of our solutions.

Proprietary Cloud-Based Solutions
ErgoHealth and Wellness best-practice solution incorporates an on-demand cloud-based platform, self-help training, workshops, consultations, stretching and professional support.

Onsite and Virtual Solutions

​The Posture People provide employee-centric solutions to reduce work-related discomfort and optimize employee health and engagement. Our proven approach of interactive education, with a focus on posture, stretching and work setup, are effective both onsite and in a virtual setting. All solutions and services are customized to each client and delivered by our expert team of physical therapists. Services can be used in combination or separately, and assist employees working from home and in the office.

The Posture People solutions include:

  • Virtual and Onsite Best Practice Workshops
  • Virtual and Onsite Ergonomic Assessments
  • ErgoHealth and Wellness Self-Help Portal
  • Stretching Programs



Onsite and Virtual Workshops

We offer a selection of workshops, customized to each client based on type of work, design, workforce and equipment standards. We support employees in any setting, including but not limited to working in call centers, the office and/or at home, or from a vehicle. All of our solutions are education-based, customized and delivered by our expert team of physical therapists. Empower your workforce to improve their working comfort and focus.

Stretching Programs

Improve employee wellness and ergonomic health with stretching programs. Our preventative, daily stretching programs are designed by a physical therapist, and include stretches to improve working comfort, productivity and engagement. We include stretching with all of our solutions.

Onsite and Virtual Ergonomic Risk Assessments include:

  • Pre-assessment discomfort survey
  • Workstation layout recommendations
  • Posture and behavior modifications
  • Equipment recommendations if requested
  • Stretches for wellness
  • Comprehensive reporting

Virtual ergonomic assessments have greater flexibility in reaching all employees with increased ease of scheduling, whether in the office or working from home. Our proven approach of interactive education, with a focus on posture, stretching and work setup, is equally effective in a virtual setting.

  • Eliminate the Cost of Travel
  • Schedule an appointment at your convenience: easier and faster to schedule an assessment
  • Experience the interactive benefits and value of an in-person assessment

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By Shani Soloff, PT, MS, CFMT, CEASII