Injury Prevention Solutions

MSD Injuries are Preventable

Proven and targeted injury prevention solutions

Empower a stronger and healthier workforce

Step 1

Identify the risks with data analysis and ergonomic/industrial risk assessment.

Step 2

Create a comprehensive, targeted injury prevention solution, customized to your workforce.

Step 3

Our expert team of qualified physical therapists will deliver your services onsite or virtually.

Injury Prevention Solutions

Musculoskeletal injuries occur after multiple exposures to risk factors at work, such as lifting heavy items, bending, reaching overhead, pushing and pulling heavy loads, working in awkward body postures and repetitive motions. By acting proactively before discomfort and responding early to employee discomfort, we can prevent injuries from occurring.

The Posture People analyze the data and identify the risk factors that contribute to pain and injury, and then create a solution that limits your exposures and risk of injury. Our solutions are customized and targeted to each job and job tasks. We work in multiple industries, including construction, industry/manufacturing, service/utility, healthcare, telecommunications, and office-based.

Our expert team of physical therapists will come onsite at your location and jobsite to deliver your services. We identify at-risk behaviors and train employees in work practice behaviors, setup, and workflow to reduce risk of strain. Our providers are highly qualified in identifying and controlling risk and training employees with job and task-specific training at the worksite.

Onsite Injury Prevention Services

We provide onsite work practice training and early interventionto support your employees at the job site, where the work is being done. We configure the solution and scale the services and providers to meet your needs, from a few hours per month to full-time staff, based on the size of your facilities and workforce. These services include:

  • Data Analysis and Industrial/Ergonomic Assessment: review of injury data and analysis of job and risk factors, to create a customized, targeted injury prevention solution.
  • Ergonomics Assessment: reviewing job tasks, work positions, and tool selection to identify risk of injury.
  • Work Practice Job and Task Training: educating and practice-based training for better work practices/body mechanics, work setup and positioning to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Training Workshops: employee and management customized training to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Stretching: pre-shift, mid-shift, end-shift stretching, designed to reduce risk of injury based on job tasks.

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The Posture People reduce risk and empower employees with practice-based, targeted task training.

Focus on Injury Prevention

Our comprehensive ergonomic solutions are designed to identify risks with job and job tasks, provide targeted training to reduce risk proactively, and provide risk reduction recommendations. Our physical therapists engage employees on the job site, manufacturing floor, construction site- wherever the tasks are being performed. The Posture People identify risk and focus on prevention, providing pre-discomfort and pre-injury services. We provide job and task-specific interactive interventions, with 96% of employees reporting confidence to immediately implement learned skills.

Efficient and Innovative

Our targeted approach utilizes our innovative proprietary system, which includes early reporting, program oversight, communication, reporting and management.

Qualified Team of Providers 

Our qualified team of physical therapists have many years of experience in understanding pain and preventing injuries, and are experts in identifying risk, educating, training and empowering your workforce to reduce their risk of injury. Each intervention is task and job specific, is during the workflow and job tasks, and is customized to each industry and client.

Building Relationships

The Posture People are a small woman-owned business, and we pride ourselves on customer service with each client we serve, building relationships with people on all levels of the organization. We customize each solution, and partner with you for a continuous process improvement, injury prevention solution.